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Persistent cough is defined as a cough that lasts more than six weeks. Causes of cough can be further divided by whether or not they are productive of sputum. Productive cough is more likely to associated with acute or chronic lung infections. Non-productive cough is the type most frequently seen by Allergists. Frequently, multiple causes are found to be the cause. Cough variant asthma( CVA) may be the most common cause of a dry, non-productive cough. Unlike true asthma, there is no wheezing or shortness of breath. What CVA is has in common with classic asthma is its response to inhaled asthma medications.Asthmatic cough is associated with allergies in 3 out of 4 patient. Allergy testing for sensitivity to environmental allergens is appropriate when CVA is suspected. Measurement of nitric oxide in exhaled breath helps determine if coughing will improve with a corticosteroid medication. The second most common cause of chronic cough is related to reflux of stomach acid into the throat. It is frequently overlooked because of the absence of "heartburn: or other abdominal symptoms. Frequently associated symptoms include voice problems, sore throat and clearing of mucus from the throat. Other rare causes of a dry cough include vagus nerve neuropathy, seen occassionaly in diabetics and habit cough or tic in children.